Spring has Sprung🌸

Hiya friends! It’s been quite a while since I have shared an update on my internship.  I honestly feel like a blossoming flower with this change in season, cherry blossom time of the  year, and in my work. I’ll get right into reflections and highlights from the past bit…  Office Life As I introduced in my […]

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My Midterm Results ✨

In trying to keep with the politico theme – as a constant default of being a part of OLIP – please excuse my cheesy title (I know, I know, the American midterm results was a while ago, but this is the most creative title I could come up with). I am personally at the midterm […]

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Life at the ‘lege

As some folks may recall, I had challenged myself to write during my co-op placement while in University. I’ve decided to try to do so again with my journey at Queen’s Park (QP)! Now that I am almost two months into my internship (already!), can I describe what a typical day looks like ? Truth is, […]

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