Expanding Notions of Home

It’s been just over 5 months since I’ve been back from my co-op placement abroad in Sri Lanka. I have slowly gotten back into the routine of things being back in school full time, living at home, working, and reconnecting with friends and family during this time. I am excited for what’s going on and […]

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What I learned from #FloodSL

Hello dear friends and readers, it’s been quite a while. To say things have been busy and on the overwhelming as of late wold be an understatement. As you may be aware, Sri Lanka recently dealt (and in affected places, still are dealing) with some severe flooding and landslides – the worst since 2003. I […]

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Celebrating International Women’s Day (& 181 Days) in Sri Lanka! 💪🏼💁🏻🙌🏼

  This blog post was originally written for my Students Without Borders’ (SWG) blog found here.  A few weekends ago, while I was having dinner with a couple of fellow SWBs, I realized that I’d passed the halfway point of my mandate here in Sri Lanka. Admittedly, I had miscalculated, marking my midway on my […]

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(Re)claiming Spaces

Some wise friends of mine, as well as what I’ve learned through my cultural anthropology courses, have told me to listen and observe my surroundings first and foremost. This simple task of taking a moment to take a new setting in, to be aware of all of my senses, even when things don’t quite make sense […]

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Yay, Yala!

One of my favourite blogs to visit is that of Eva Stones, “Adventures in a tuk-tuk” in which she highlights what living life in Sri Lanka is like as an expat. It was one of my first sources of insights when I was first preparing for my co-op and I still find myself perusing her […]

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